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Cherokee Nation Healthcare Solutions Sole Source Provider Benefits
Sole Source Provider Benefits
The SBA certifies small, disadvantaged businesses in good standing to participate in this program, which empowers federal agencies to sole source contracts to its participants.
What Makes a Tribal-owned 8(a) Different than Other 8(a)s?
A tribally owned 8(a) may receive sole-source contracts regardless of the dollar amount. Other 8(a)s have a $4 million limit on contracts for services. A sole-source contract awarded to any 8(a) cannot be protested for lack of competition, and with no ceiling on awards to a tribal-owned 8(a), protests cannot be lodged, regardless of the contract’s size. Other 8(a)s have this protection, but only up to their $4 million ceilings.
What Makes This Possible?
Tribal firms are granted special contracting opportunities under the FAR for government contracts, in general, and for DOD contracts in particular. These include unique 8(a) rights, expedited A-76 authority, and pricing advantages for DOD contractors that subcontract with Native American-owned firms.
No Threshold Limitation
There is no threshold limit on sole-source contracts. Under 13 CFR 124.506(b), sole-source federal contracts may be awarded to tribal-owned, certified 8(a) companies without regard to contract value. This CFR provision exempts contracts to 8(a) companies owned by Indian or Alaska Native tribes from the competitive dollar-limit thresholds of other 8(a) contracts. Also, protests by other contractors are not allowed with respect to a tribal-owned company in connection with such sole-source contracts.

SBA 8(a) Sole Source Model
Agency Program Manager
1. Establishes requirement
2. Prepares SOW and procurement request
3. Identifies 8(a) firm or firms – market research stage (oral or written capability briefing is requested of CNHS)
Budget Officer
4. Authorizes funding
Contracting Office
5. Identifies 8(a) team as the most capable based on the capability
briefing in Step 3 and offers this requirement to the SBA for the 8(a) firm
Small Business Administration
6. Accepts requirements on behalf of the 8(a) identified in capability briefing
7. Authorizes agency to conduct negotiations with this 8(a) firm
Contracting Office
8. Issues RFP to the 8(a) firm
8(a) Team (Prime & Partners)
9. Submits technical and pricing proposal in response to RFP
Contracting Office
10. Performs technical and price analysis
8(a) Team (Prime & Partners)
11. Negotiates final price and deliverables with contracting officer
12. Requests more information from 8(a) firm as necessary
Contracting Office
13. Determines the cost is fair and rates team expertise
14. Assembles contract and forwards to SBA
All Parties
15. Federal client, SBA, and CNHS execute agreement (most agencies have SBA delegated authority-eliminating need for SBA contract signature)



SBA Contact:

Stephanie Farris
SBA Oklahoma District Office
301 NW 6th Street, Suite 116
Oklahoma City, OK 73102